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Old June 26th, 2006, 07:40 PM   #1
Radiant Beauty
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Smiley Gardens

I have a three windowed herb pot with parsley, oregano and basil, and then another little pot with basil and oregano.

We have a regular garden as well with corn, tomato's, onion's, pumpkins(white/orange), watermllon,and sunflower seeds.
I wanted to plant cauli and brocolli but I forgot. I'm thinking about planting an indoor garden for vegies all year around.

Does anyone have a garden/herb garden?
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Old June 27th, 2006, 01:35 AM   #2
The Beauty Bottle Administrator
The Beauty Bottle Administrator
The Beauty Bottle Administrator
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Not yet - I'm a bit late starting this year even with the last frost being June 1st. I've picked up a bunch of seeds and have plans next year for a nice big bed in the yard for whatever I can get my hands on. It'll be my first herb garden and I'm really excited because the compost I've got going right now is going to be PERFECT next year - I'm stoked.

I'm nursing our poor raspberries back from the brink this year, so I'm expecting that next year they'll be great. I'll have strawberries going by then, too, and once lavender arrives here in the spring, I'm going to jump on that. A miscellaneous array of herbies to follow. Definitely mint, basil, cilantro, chives... I'd love to try garlic, too.

Yup. Planning for next year already.
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I wouldn't call ours a garden anymore... We have a few pots with tomatoes, basil, parsley and spinage inside, but the outside has gone wild. The only thing that counts as garden material is a bunch of chive and the huge wild rose hedges my mom planted a few years ago. We do have a greenhouse, but we haven't had time to clean it up and plant anything this year.
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I have no earth or soil because everything is cemented and made for parking.
But im having some plants in pots in the balcony. 2days back i bought some flowering plants too. Im trying to grow some mint but its not yet put ot any shoots. Its 1 week since i plante dthe stalk. Not very long.
Im having no herb garden, but its just pots.
Pruned the rose plants today and waiting for some good flowers from my Hibiscus and rose plants.
Planting teaches patience.
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Radiant Beauty
Join Date: June 2006
Location: USA
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Stephanie- The first year we planted we did a rough"draft" of a garden. We didn't know much and I had never had a garden before. We planted tomatos, corn.
Lasy year, again corn- and tomatos, orange pumpkins that did well and we had a huge crop, sunflowers-which the deer ate , broccolli and cauli- they died early because not enough water. Raspberries were planted but again the deer ate those.

This year we have expanded some- added more and the garden is doing well. I forgot we did add chives but we forgot the garlic , thats ok I'm planting an indoor garden with some of the vegies and herbs I forgot.

eiyela and Naj - A pot garden counts, thats what I have my herb garden in.
I keep it inside so I can keep an eye on it, and keep it away from the elements. I water it daily and give it sun.
I have several sprouts of basil and parsley.
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