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Alley Cat
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Originally Posted by Flaxen
No, cassia obovata is a completely different plant. I don't think henna roots do anything.
Oh gee as fast as I post a reply someone else answers . Hmm so many different opinions.
Thanks Flaxen.
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Originally Posted by TheBlondeApple
Different experts say different things, but on my neutral Henna, the INCI actually reads HENNA, not Cassia. I read that that's young Henna or something, but some other experts claim that that's not possible. I'm no expert .
There is one possibility for that. If the henna is so old and stale that it won't dye anymore, it might still give shine. Also, I have read(don't remember where) that henna can be treated with heat somehow so that it won't dye.
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According to the places that sell body art quality there is no such thing as "neutral" or "clear" henna. If it is henna, it stains red. Period. What most people call "neutral henna" in generally cassia obovata. Cassia is a different plant than Henna. I use Cassia frequently and it is fabulous. It has no stain whatso ever to it, and will ad condition and shine to any hair. I get mine from www.mehandi.com Catherine is reputable and always ships promptly. She carries high quality product.
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Shermie Girl
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Briefly hijaking to chime in that I hope that we get a henna forum, too. That would be just the ticket!
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I used to get mine from Everyday Mehendi before the owner died.She was a wonderful person and I am really saddend to find out she died
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