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feisty redhead
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Default Do you keep a workout journal?

This is something I just recently decided to start doing and so far it is helping me to keep on track with my workouts which right now are mostly long walks on the treadmill.

I bought a notebook specifically for this purpose, so there's nothing else in it to have to flip past or anything. I charted out every day for the next couple of months with a "fill in the blanks" type thing. I'll add more later on so it's always got a couple months written in advance and I won't fall behind from just being too lazy to chart the days.

I started off with writing my current weight and measurements, and made spaces for every day to write information about my workouts as soon as I've completed them. For example once I finish up on the treadmill I write down how long I walked, at what speed, how many miles it was and how many calories were burned. If I do any other exercises (one of my dance workouts) where I'm not sure of calories burned or something I just make note that I did it and for how long.

I plan to do monthly "weigh-ins" and keep track of them in the notebook as well so I can track my progress that way. I chose monthly because I've done weekly weigh-ins before and it just seemed way too discouraging for me for those times you fall behind a little or you're not seeing results as quickly as you might want to. I think for me monthly is better since it'll give me more time between measurements to GET results so I won't get discouraged by not seeing results simply because I haven't given myself enough time to see them. If that makes any sense. lol

Anyway I was just wondering if anybody else likes to keep a workout journal & if it helps keep you on track.
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I've been keeping an online food diary at My Fitness Pal, and it does help you track your calories, your exercise, weight, measurements, etc., but I admit that after a couple of months, I've found I use it mostly for the food diary, and to track my weight.

I've found it most beneficial just to keep track of what I do eat, even if it's not the healthiest, just so I KNOW what I've done.

Doing it online helps keep me on track, since it's so easy to enter.

(I've kind of given up trying to calculate calories burned for any given activity, and just eat the minimum calories for a one pound a week weight loss, plus a bit extra if I've had a strenuous day and am feeling especially hungry. Not the most exacting plan, but seems to be helping me. I gained weight after I went through a long period of NOT keeping track of my food intake at all, so I'm trying to relearn whatever self-regulation I used to use.)

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