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Default Post Prom links!! ^_^

Okay, I wasn't sure where exactly to put this thread... if it should be moved, please let me know. ^_^

It's that time of year...prom time for all the juniors and seniors out there ^_^ I'm so excited for my prom... but from looking at stuff like dresses, hair, nails, etc. I figure that someone could easily spend over a thousand dollars just for that one night. O_O I mean, I'm not THAT excited for prom, especially since my parents aren't keen on spending big moolah for unnecessary things.

I'd like to hear how everyone else manages to be gorgeous and fabulous at prom on a budget. Last year for junior prom I made my own dress, which had the added plus of being exactly as I wanted it for a total of probably less than $50 for the fabric, and I got tons of compliments. I try to do makeup and stuff myself, but it never comes out looking as good as I want it to... I am TERRIBLE at makeup lol and hair is almost as difficult

It would be fabulous if everyone could post their favorite sites for inexpensive dresses, shoes, do-it-yourself hair and nails... anything that would help to make proms less pricey but still glamorous ^_^

Here are a few of mine:

http://nexteve.com I found the dress of my DREAMS here for $70, which is pretty good considering most of the other dresses I found I liked were well over $100. I actually found that I liked most of the dresses on this site better than the $300 designer ones I found on most other sites. They also have a greater variety and offer to custom-make the dress to your size.

http://gojane.com Shoes! I got cute little strappy silver ones for about $13. They also have inexpensive dresses.

Anyone have others to add to the list?
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I got my dress at the mall, I can't remember the store, though I think it was a Canadian line, along with my shoes, which I believe are from Aldo (for a total of maybe $250, and I've worn them since at a ball at uni), didn't bother with nails because I chew them to oblivion, got my hair done at my regular hairdresser for maybe $30 and had my sister do my make-up.
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