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Old February 24th, 2008, 07:18 PM   #41
darian moone
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Congratulations and Happy Anniversary, Nightshade! I have always loved your hair. The color and curl are just gorgeous.
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Old February 24th, 2008, 08:09 PM   #42
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*takes a moment to recover from so many beautyful hair pics* Congrats on your two year anniversary! Your hair is so beautiful... And, TLHC (or TBB for the time being) wouldn't be right for me without you around.
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Old February 24th, 2008, 08:30 PM   #43
capelli lunghi
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I wish you a very happy anniversary and a thank you! When I first joined LHC.. and actively began participating.. you and your posts were always so sonderful to read and learn from.. Many congratulations, Nightshade!! I hope you have many more wonderful ones!!!
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Old February 25th, 2008, 06:14 AM   #44
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Congrats on your anniversary, Nightshade. You are such a great contribution to this community. And your hair is looking lovely as always.
Pegasus Marsters' 151st wife (we think!) ;) [/CENTER]
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Old February 25th, 2008, 06:19 AM   #45
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Congrats nightshade I always thought you had gorgeous hair. Your hair is the same as mine I believe; so i am excited it could look as awesome as yours once it grows out
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Old February 25th, 2008, 10:23 AM   #46
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0_o This will teach me not to stay on top of threads like this betterÖ Not that I donít have practice with marathon sessions for the LHC Knights

Velvett- Thank you! Being told oneís hair is thud-worthy is a neat feeling

MotherConfessor- Thank you for the compliments to my hair, and my hair sticks. I wouldnít know what to do if I wasnít a redhead. You can live vicariously though my henna, I donít mind. I drool all over the curly-heads here.

Nastasska- Thank you

Liluri- Itís been a fast two years. I love your avatar, btw!

Almundea- The fact that you remembered my anniversary was coming up just blows my mind still. Makes me feel like a total addle-minded dork. I greatly appreciate every compliment and since Iíve recently discovered I can post here at work again (WOOOO!) have actually considered starting a photo journal once LHC is back up.

Amoretti- Iím YOUR hair idol? LOL. Honey, you have to die for hair, and I take that as the immense compliment that it is. And yeah, Iím a bit of a grammar Nazi, but someone has to be

Forenonite- LOL Oh, wellÖ I canít help how often youíd want to henna, but I can say that once you get used to it the mess is actually very minimal I also get to cheat a bit as my fiance does it for me (what a guy!)

Remke- Thanks! My friend (who isnít on LHC but reads the links I send her) took them for me. Those last pictures in the sun are the most color accurate to my hair I think I have. You can actually see (especially in the rope braid one) the shift in color down the length.

David N- Thank you so very much! Your hair is growing amazingly fast as well!

Lize- Itís been a hard, crappy, dissatisfying road at times, but Iím happy I stuck with it! Thank you so much for the compliments! And stop beating yourself up about highlighting, lots of girls here do it, just do so carefully!

Cindy58- Thanks! I love writing (have to do something with that otherwise useless English degree), so Iím glad people enjoy it

Frannyg- LOL I neither know all the words, nor their correct usage, but I try You are such a doll, and people like you make it so easy to want to help. And when that chemical crap is gong, Iím going to throw one hell of a party!

Gemma- Just two years posting, though I lurked for a good long while. Itís blown by, and Iím happy to have made your LHC experience a bit more enjoyable!

Caroyn- Thank you so very much. LOL, thud-smilie. One of these days weíll have to hook up at the MoA

Shermie Girl- Thank you, sweetie! Itís a TON healthier than it used to be. Hang in there yourself, youíre going to have a head of beautiful healthy blonde hair sooner than you think!

Lixie- Thanks! Took me awhile to get here, but the revelation that I can post at work helped a lot! Muhahahhahahaha!

Squiggyflop- Iím glad you are enjoying your henna and that I played a small part in your decision, your color looks wonderful! I also really appreciate the comments on the shape, Iíve been thinking of lessening some of the layers, but I still want a U shape, nothing too blunt. The fact that my braid tapers so much (combination of the layers and damage) at the end has been bothering me and thatís very reassuring.

Brokenwings- Oh, than you! Iím not always sweet on here, or IRL for that matter, but I honestly like helping people. The shine in those photos is strictly the henna talking, good goddess I love that stuff.

WavyGal- Thank you! Iíve mourned the loss of my 2a, since the henna knocked me down to a 1c. Iím glad you like it, though!

Morningstar- Youíre very welcome! You know, itíd be interesting to know how many people have started to henna because of LHCÖ.

Artic- Thank you so much!

Levelek- Thanks! Iím finally really starting to enjoy it

Sibylla- Youíre very welcome, and thank you for the parade of smilies!

Abanilla_Surfer- Iím so glad you found trimming to be beneficial Thereís no way I could have grown my hair out without eliminating the worst of the crap as I went, and Iíll be sure to take more photos when I can!

Teacherbear- Thank you! You have always been such a sweetie, and I remember you being so nice to me when I was a n00b!

Jel- my hair twin! LOL yes, Iíve been shifting the mix a bit, and find itís still staining well. Itís a good thing people like to hear me prattle about henna and cassia, I certainly do it enough :blushing:

Tomm- Hehe, were I a wood elf I could die happy. Thank you!

Amethyst- You are so very welcome!

Lamb- I adore your curls! Aghhhh, curl-envy! Iím glad you like the leafy one, I was hoping it wasnít overkill.

Prosperina- Good on you for staying steadfast! That more than anything, seems to be the key to long hair.

Flaxen- Thatís the henna talking on the dimensional color, but I love it! You know, I almost asked you if you couldnít get to a cached version of my henna article. If anyone could itís you, the Queen of Googe-Fu!

Chloeishere- I should be there in a little more than a year, but itís all downhill from this point. Itís so NICE to just trim off the damage rather than trying to balance that with growth.

Spidermom- I saw that in another thread. Hang in there, I know youíre more than stubborn enough to do it ;D

ReadingRenee- Heh, I know, I suck at posting photos. In part thatís because 90% of the ones I take end up being of my ear. The damage thing sucks twofold, not just because itís harder than growing out healthy hair, but also because the progress pics arenít always as impressive as those of someone who chopped to their ears and grew from there.

Zift- Thank you! You have lovely hair as well!

ladiosaRosa- Thank you so much! I love how dark your hair is, such a rich color.

Curlsgirl- ROFL that cracked me up, thank you. You and Lamb and those curls turn me green with envy though!

Gilly- Henna is one of those things were if youíre even a bit uncertain, you shouldnít do it. If you ever make the leap, though, Iím happy to field questions. Iím glad you enjoyed the photos!

Pookatrina- You want to hennnaaaaaa, hennaaaaa

Darian moone- Thank you so much, you are such an amazingly sweet person!

AjoyfulNoise- LOL Oh my, and you people wonder why I donít have a photojournal, so much flattery canít be good for me! Thank you so much for enjoying my presence here as much as I enjoy yours!

Capelli lunghi- Thank you so much, now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Iím glad I was able to help you learn some of the ropes!

OhioLisa- Thank you! That coming from a fantastic lady in her own right!

LORA410- Woot! Your hair will look even lovelier as it grows! I love the color
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Originally Posted by Nightshade
I greatly appreciate every compliment and since I’ve recently discovered I can post here at work again (WOOOO!) have actually considered starting a photo journal once LHC is back up.

My dear Nightshade, that would be the greatest thing ever
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Every time I see your hair I get sooo tempted to try henna, but as florenonite said, I'm a lazy perfectionist and a complete novice so I'm sure it'd turn out much stronger then I'd like. But you are without question my hair idol- it's so beautiful and obviously well taken care of. Congrats on two years!!

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Old February 27th, 2008, 06:14 AM   #49
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Happy anniversary Nightshade! Your tresses are absolutely divine!
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Old February 28th, 2008, 02:22 PM   #50
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almudena- It's a maybe, not a for sure, but it could be fun.

aradia_rising- Thank you so much! You could always start with just a titch of henna in conditioner and gloss it That way it would be hard to OD on it.

yzkaloha- Thank you!
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