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Old June 11th, 2006, 10:58 PM   #1
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Default Systolic high, diastolic low

I went to the doctor a few weeks ago, and one thing is puzzling him. My systolic pressure is high, but my diastolic is low. He asked me to go to the blood pressure machine at the drugstore and get a few more readings. The latest one (yesterday, after shopping) was 141/68 (18.8/9.1 kPa). Any idea what could cause this, or what it means? I am physically active (I ride my bike and walk) but numerically obese (BMI is now about 35).
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Old June 12th, 2006, 09:40 PM   #2
Koala Kim
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Hmmm...not sure what to tell you Pierre.

I know Mom's diastolic has been extremely low, but the nurses assured me she is okay in that department. I just assumed it's because she's sick and not really moving around.

When do you go back to see the Dr?
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Old June 13th, 2006, 05:42 AM   #3
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Hmm, the only time I had BP problems was when I had pre-eclampsia during pregnancy (with obviously doesn't apply to you!). My normal was around 105/55, and as my BP rose (I took it every 2 hours for a while), the systolic would go up more first. So it went to 140/60, then to 160/90. Not sure what could be causing this for you, is there a heat wave or anything?

Got this info from here:

Note: When systolic and diastolic blood pressures fall into different categories, the higher category should be used to classify blood pressure level. For example, 160/80 mmHg would be stage 2 high blood pressure.
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Old June 13th, 2006, 01:30 PM   #4
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Hi Pierre,
As a nursing student learning about this stuff, there might be some concern for your BP reading. Often people have an elevated systolic BP because they are nervous about the reading, and being at the doctors. (normally if you have true hypertension, both numbers will be elevated) However, pulse pressure, the difference between the systolic and diastolic can indicate some possible health concerns. I found the following at http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/pulse-pressure/AN00968

"What is the significance of the spread between systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings?

The numeric difference between your systolic and diastolic blood pressure is called your pulse pressure. For example, if your resting blood pressure is 120/80 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg), your pulse pressure is 40 — the difference between 120 and 80.

Certain conditions can increase your pulse pressure. These include aortic valve disorders, severe anemia and overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism). But by far the most important cause of elevated pulse pressure is stiffness and inflammation of the aorta, the largest artery in the body. This may be due to high blood pressure or fatty deposits on the walls of the arteries (atherosclerosis). The greater the difference between your systolic and diastolic numbers, the stiffer and more damaged the vessels are thought to be.

Evidence suggests that pulse pressure may be a strong predictor of heart problems, especially in older adults. But systolic pressure is the best predictor in people older than age 50. In adults older than age 60, a pulse pressure greater than 60 mmHg is abnormal. Treating high blood pressure usually reduces pulse pressure as well."

Hope this helps and that you are just nervous when getting your BP taken Pierre!
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Old June 15th, 2006, 01:51 PM   #5
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Another student nurse piping in…
WHO defines “high blood pressure” as 140/80 and with the diastolic 80 as the most important
My experience says it’s nothing dangerous and if you ask me, nothing you need to have checked out
68 is a fine systolic pressure
Actually a high diastolic pressure only means your heart muscle is strong and pumps blood out at a high pressure and a low systolic means your blood vessels are nicely elastic with little cholesterols to stiffen them

Do you know what your “resting pulse” (sorry don’t know English term) is?
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Old June 15th, 2006, 08:53 PM   #6
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As I'm resting, I just counted it. It's 64, plus or minus a couple.
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Old February 8th, 2008, 12:33 AM   #7
darian moone
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Originally Posted by Igor
Another student nurse piping in…
WHO defines “high blood pressure” as 140/80 and with the diastolic 80 as the most important

Interestingly, most US doctors do not agree with WHO and no longer even consider 120/80 as ideal. They prefer to see both numbers just a little lower. I remember in the 1980s when 140/80 was considered "high normal" in the US. Not now. It's now considered hypertensive. Without meds mine used to be 140/90 when I was only in my 20s. They were fine with that back then, but wouldn't be today. Same way that they've changed their mind about what's a safe cholesteral level.
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Old February 8th, 2008, 04:39 AM   #8
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Default Weird...

Here in Canada they tend to aim a little higher than 120/80. And I didn't see anyone mention "isolated systolic hypertension". It's not common, but it does exist. I can't understand a doctor being confused by it, though.
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Old October 16th, 2011, 02:25 PM   #9
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Your blood pressure is a little high. Even if you're active, your diet, age, and genetics can effect your blood pressure. Try eating foods that are relatively low in saturated fats, and relatively low in sodium (this does not mean salt, you can find low sodium salts, sea salt tends to be more nutritious and taste saltier using less).

A tablespoon of raw olive oil a day on some steamed veggies or salad, even as a substitute for butter on bread is a great way to unclog your arteries and allow your blood pressure to ease up. Olive oil has a lot of polyunsaturated and healthy fats that combine with existing deposits in your system and expel them as waste.

When buying bread, try to go for rye, it's proven to mildly lessen cholesterol when many other grains may actually add to the increase.

Cook with real butter and not margarine, (in moderation of course) vegetable oils tend to have low smoke points and break down to create a tonne of saturated and trans fats. Even olive oil should only be used as a finishing oil unless lightly simmering in sauces on low to medium low heat.

Beats are also a great food to increase organ health. If you like making soup try your hand at a borscht, a simple base made with onions and celery some sea salt and black pepper to taste, simmer on medium high until the celery has a slight silvery translucency, then add in fresh julienne beets and cook at medium until soft. serve with some sour cream and lots of dill. There are much better recipes but this is a simple and really healthy one that you can have an occasional tasty cup at any time of the day and never feel guilty.

Try a couple of these diet changes and stick with it, blood pressure and health in general are not perfected over night. Concious awareness of your lifestyle is always an important check to improve and maintain your well-being.
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