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Oh, that sounds fun!!! Can I come?!
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What a great idea. As I get the post holiday debris cleared away, maybe I'll borrow that idea, for a marathon DVD session .....
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Get yer butt to Idaho by Saturday and you're IN!!! (I'll even be your DD) And Raederle, a marathon DVD session sounds GRAND!
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Originally Posted by LadyHeather
Hey, Lovi here from LHC.

I was browsing the drugstore today trying to find toenail scissors or clippers and a foot file. I love to paint my toenails but I hate my feet. The skin gets so dry and looks fugly. So, I'm seeing stone foot files, pumice stones, diamond foot files, wooden foot files, nail scissors, clippers, barrel pliers...

what the heck do I choose?

Now I know some LHCer (Justy?) has a Pedi Egg. I looked at those. LIke egg shape cheese graters for the feet! They look terrifying. Are they good? Do they hurt? They arent like what I'd call a normal file. Not like a rasp on a stick. It's like, well, a grater.

I've started to use coconut oil on my feet at night in prep for summer (already) and sometimes if I'm not at the BFs flat I'll use my Burts Bees coconut foot creme. I love this stuff, but at BF's I use plain oil. I sometimes add a bit of Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream (just for my heels).

So can someone give me a lowdown on what it would be best to use? Rasp file, stone, pedi egg? Clippers, scissors or pliers? My toenails can only be cut after a nice long shower, as they're very hard and brittle, and although they're not ingrowing per se, they're hard to cut as they curl under rather than lying nice and flat like the nails on the Trampy Toes pics.

Thanks all.

Ive tried just about everything there is. Since i live at home and my mother has horrible feet if i dont buy she does and then i try it lol . From my experiance i wouldnt bother with the ped egg it can be intimidating to some and even after you use it you have to file your heels smooth with something finer.

The oiling and creams are a great start . They will work even better if you keep socks on after applying and whenever you can. Personally i find a Mr.Pumice bar (easier to use than the traditional stone) either the single or the double works best for filing. If your heels have scales that catch on things use it on try feet over the tub/shower bottom, if they are just generally rough wet works best though if you have alot of build up try dry as well. If youve got really tough feet you can use a dremel on low speed (4 - 6) with a hard sanding bit (not the hollow paper ones the solid stone) thats what i did when i was dancing alot.

I just started making my own foot bars (like lotion bars just heavier on the butters) and i dont use commerical lotion so i cant really make any cream reccomendations but like i said the oil is a great start to softening .

Hmm i not so great with toe nails as mine generally behave well. But when my sister and aunt were having issues i would soak their toes in a 1:1 vinager - water solution (straight vinager if they wont soften that way) and that softened them up easily enough to trim. Sine you seem to have a chronic issue i would invest in good supplies that you can get at any beauty supply like Sally's. A pair of cuticle trimmers migth run you 20 - 25 dollors but they will ast a long time and you can have them sharpened.

Oh i almost forgot! A few nicehome remedy for rough heels is to take two juice lemon halfs (use the juice or a scrub or something ) and cup them on your heels for fifteen to twenty minutes then put some sugar in them and use it to scrub off the dead skin. The acid sloughs and the sugar exfoliates .

Good luck and i hope something works for you!

ETA: If you dont mind chemicals try pretty feet. Works well for the price

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I've done a killer pedicure at home I like emery boards and the other items listed.
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