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Default Breakage after nail polish?

A while ago, I polished my nails with a very cheap nail polish that flaked off quite a lot. I repainted my nails with it often, so it stayed on for about a month. I could see that it was taking little bits of my nail with it as it flaked off.

Now, those bits have grown out to the ends of my nails and unless I keep my nails very, very short, they break off often.

I polished my nails again with a better in an attempt to strengthen them a bit, and that worked, but now that polish has worn off and they're starting to break again.

What should I do? Should I re-polish them until the worst of the damage has grown out, or should I just keep them short?
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feisty redhead
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I'm not sure it's fair to blame the polish. Most of my nail polish is cheap and it's never caused problems for me. Every once in a while my nails just go through a "I'm gonna break and chip and be horrible no matter what" stage and during those times I just keep them a little shorter than normal and use strengthening treatments instead of nail polish till they feel like behaing again. I'm convinced it's just part of the growth cycle of nails. For my nails at least.

I always give my nails a little break from polish every couple of weeks, too. I think they need some time to "breathe" to stay strong and healthy so about every other week I take any polish off and just let them go au naturale for at least a couple days but as long as I can possibly resist the urge to paint them again.

I'd just wait it out a little while, and maybe use a stengthening treatment.
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Hm, I'm pretty sure that it was the polish. I very rarely polish my nails, but when I used this polish, I could see the nail coming off. I've always had strong nails, and my toes are still fine, so I don't think they're just growing that way. The new growth I have is completely chip-free.
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