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Default Eczema

I thought I had my eczema under control but now all the sudden it has gotten bad again. I have a patch on the bridge of my nose and 3 patches on my arms. I thought I knew what was the cause of the recent breakout but I have removed that and it persists. I do have an Rx ointment, but as always, it only makes it go away until I stop using it and even if I use it weeks, in the past it always comes right back once I stop using it and as it is a steroid, you are not supposed to use it for extended times like that.

AVG has worked in the past, too.
I also tried my Aquafor and it makes it worse.
Nothing seems to be working this time.

Any thoughts? The one on my nose is the only one I am really worried about because it is so dark red I cannot cover it with make-up. It is not as itchy as the ones on my arms.

I think some of the issue is the change in weather, the lack of humidity, etc. Seems I go through an adjustment all winter and it really takes warmer weather to clear me up.

I am also have issues with my hair and my regular S&C not doing well for me anymore. I have checked my water softener and all is ok there. However, on city water, there is no telling if they have added something lately, ya know? For now I am thinking it is weather related but I don't want to be stuck with this all winter! We have barely even gotten started with winter this year

I have some oil of oregano on order as well as some tea tree oil for another purpose. Any chance these would work for eczema?
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I can empathize with your situation. As soon as they turned the heaters on at work this year mine started to flare up too (although for some reason not on my legs, which is where I always get it every year without fail).

This is what I use and it helps me a lot :http://www.shopbattysbath.com/body-butter-1/. I use the fragrance free one. However, I live in Canada, so this is local for me. I'm not entirely sure, but I think that she ships to the U.S too. It's pretty thick and moisturizing. I use it on both my body and face, and usually more than twice a day.

My scalp isn't very happy either. I actually started CO because my shampoo was making it unbearable.

I hope this helps a bit, WaitingSoLong!
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