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Originally Posted by mhuang
for anyone that have had Dyshidrotic eczema how did you get rid of it?

I had mine on the side of my index finger for over 2 years and the best I can do is to cortizone on band aids and tape my fingers which over 1-2 days will make the symptom better (then usually turn into small red patches of hard skin but won't itch), but they always flair up a week or 2 later... is there a cure for this?!?

This is driving me mad, you don't know how many times I've though about sawing my finger off!!!!!

Hydrocortisone doesn't do much of anything for mine. Nothing seems to, really, except for keeping my hands moisturized, not scratching (though I often give in and rub gently, which is a good time to make use of some oil or hand lotion,) and avoiding heat (during a flareup I might not itch at all while in an air conditioned building, but then it starts driving me bugnuts the second I walk out into the summer heat; I usually get a long break through winter.) Scalding hot water feels delicious on it, but I think in the long run aggravates the problem, so while I'm having a flareup I wash my hands in cold water, make sure I rinse all traces of soap away, then moisturize (I keep coconut oil at home, and an oil-based, solid lotion at the office.) The little patches I get usually go through their cycle and turn hard within a few weeks whether I do anything to them or not. About the time I think it's over, another little bit or two flares up somewhere else.

Hugs dear, and please don't saw your fingers off. No, no cure (shoot, they can't even agree between themselves or from one year to the next on what might cause it,) but a lot of the information I've dug up says it seems to bother its victims progressively less on the far side of middle age. Mine's really not all that bad, but I'm looking forward to it.

A little Google research illustrates that different things seem to help for different people. If you can keep them from itching with hydrocortisone, that's more than a lot of folks can manage. Hang in there.
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