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Originally Posted by Birchbark
Phantasmagoria, I KNOW! What is up with that? Sometimes, a padded bra is nice (I love my underwireless add-a-size from maidenform), but not ALWAYS, plus the non-padded bras in that size are always boring colors. I can't like my boobies the way they are AND want them colorful? grrrrr.

SERIOUSLY! That's part of the reason I just don't go into dept stores any more, if there's anything that fits me it's both ugly and majorly padded! And molded cups don't fit right as they're always too narrow and too deep. I thought I was relegated to camisoles for anything cute until I went to the little shop by my work, the lady found me some gorgeous bras that fit like a glove!

I've had much better luck with european brands than american ones, who seem to think that boobs smaller than a 34B don't really exist

I haven't bought anything from them, but AA Lingerie carries some cute stuff.
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