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Default Beauty Bottle Swap 2012


OPI Sensuous 98%
OPI Italian Love Affair 97%
OPI Samoan Sand Used once
OPI Catch The Garter 98%
OPI Live from NY...its OPI 98%
Avon Speed Dry "Adoring Rose" 98%
L'oreal #480 Rendezvous Used once

NEW never used

Icing Eenie Greenie Miney Mo
Icing Electric Sapphire
Icing Pampered and Primped (two different links show the polish alone and with another polish)

I decided to show links to give an idea of what the polishes look like 'on'. I'll be back in a bit with a small list of what I am looking to swap for. Please don't ask to swap for less than all that is listed. If I am not able to make a swap in a week, I will break up the set, but please don't PM me asking before that. The idea is to TRADE away what I am not using and to get it gone. LOL!

ETA: I am looking for small stud earrings or hoops (must be precious metals, I'm allergic) , rings (costume included, I love sterling silver rings) Hair toys. I love purses so you never know. I am loving my Miche Prima at the moment, so if you have any shells for that.
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