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I tend to use mixes when it comes to breads. I love pamelas bread mix, but the glutino pastry mix makes better pie crusts (both celiac approved gluten free brands btw) both use a mixture of rice flour and sorghum flour.

I also use coconut flour occasionally, though these recipies tend to use a lot of eggs, which make me cranky so I try to avoid them.

Depending on your other allergies, I make GF linguini with alfredo sauce (using parmesian cheese, butter, garlic, double devon cream, parsley) and I also have used GF lasanga noodles to make lasagna. The spagetti ones get used a lot too.

When making burgers, meatballs, or meatloaf, I use neither eggs nor crackers, but I have on occasion thrown in a cup of parmesian cheese as filler (works great).

I have made GF cinnamon rolls in the past, I will try to find the recipe.

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