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Well if I get any I will share them. I think I may be gluten intolerant to an extent. Its not severe. I have read about celiacs disease and gluten intolerance that is really severe and mine is really livable.

Im not really sure Im gluten intolerant-I didnt go to a dr or anything. But I put myself on a really strict diet for about three months. Not because I thought my body didnt like gluten but because I was tired of having a hard time losing fat so I thought I would be really strict and see where it took me. So I ate protein and I got my carbs from fruits and veggies. I did not eat bread, wheat, rice, or other carbs and starches. I did drink a protein drink for lunch and Im sure it probably had gluten in it because it wasnt home made.

My results-No headaches at all! I was having headaches everyday-just regular ones. No bloating. My stomach used to look 7 months pregnant it was ridiculous. I dont feel sick anymore.

I didnt realize I was cutting down on gluten until someone on LHC was saying how she cut out gluten and her symptoms, similar to mine, all but disappeared. She said she was only cutting it out because of severe acne and one bonus to it was her moodiness, stress, and anxiety was almost gone! That interested me evern more than my other symptoms. My stress and anxiety can be off the charts sometimes but I wont go on meds because I have tried them before and they all made me gain weight-and lots of it.

So I havent tried this full force yet. My nutrition has not been good lately and I do feel like crap. So Im thinking of at least going back on my diet that I was on because even though I wasnt completely gluten-free I was pretty close and felt pretty darn good.

If I come across any recipies I will post them!
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