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My goals for the week:
- Drink 4 bottles of water at work (equals about 10 cups)
- Workout 4-5 times
- Level up on Fitocracy (which just so happens to be 5 full length workouts...did not intend on that lol)
- Journal everything I eat
- Stop eating at 8pm (unless I workout late) this is more for self control than me thinking it will help me lose weight (though it might because I tend to be a late snacker...)

So hopefully we'll see some changes...I really need to work on self control with food. I eat healthy most of the time but let myself slip up way too many times...

ETA: Workout #2 is complete!

And I'm fighting a huge craving for a mini apple pie! First I need to stop allowing myself so many treats, second I am not allowed to eat after 8pm this week. MUST FIGHT THIS! I'm going to make myself a pot of peach tea.

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