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Default Oil Method Not Helping Dry Skin

I started the oil cleansing method last week and tried it for a few evenings before stopping because it wasn't helping my dry skin. After using the mixture of castor oil and EVOO, which I'm up to a 1:3 ratio in right now, I apply some more EVOO to moisturize. However, by about 10 minutes later, I can feel my skin tight and dry again around the eyebrows, and a little on my nose and cheeks. I stopped for a few days, continuing to use the EVOO as a moisturizer after using a mild, natural soap to cleanse. I also tried a natural mask of egg and honey, but that didn't seem to help. I tried the oil cleansing method again last night, but I don't know what else to do. I do not want to return to harsh conventional cleansers and moisturizers. Do I need to continue with the OCM and wait for my skin to get acclimated, or do I need to try something else? Thanks!
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