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Birchbark- glad you like the pattern! If you go with the denim colored rayon, you can get away with more chunky/funky accessories.
And yes dear- you have to shave.

As far as nylons/pantyhose goes- a lot of the younger crowd goes without them now. Although personally- I have to have my hose! My legs need some kind of coloring on them, even if it's fake.

TBear has a good idea as well. You can check out TJMaxx, AJWright, etc. I picked up a dress at TJMaxx that I wore to my MIL's funeral for $10.

I bought a formal last year to wear to my SIL's wedding that had been marked down from $145 to $15. This was at a specialty shop.
So- look around. You may be surprised at what you find.
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