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Originally Posted by Shell
aisling is right--the hardest thing is when a style (or styles) is popular and you can't find anything else. The last 10 years have been horrible for me. It's hard to find anything that looks good, and frankly I'm tired of the same look on me and everyone else. For 10 years in Southern California all I've seen is low rise flares (I'm sure they're lovely on you Peg, but believe me, they don't great on everyone around here who wears them!), black/grey/blue hoodies, and tennis shoes. Could someone please wear some color or some girl clothes? Nope.

Oh, and I love eighties styles--not all of them mind you--some were horrible. I have noticed that it's mostly the horrible ones coming back too--jellies--I ask you.

What happened to the wonderful tunics and long skirts that were so feminine and flattering? Ahh, back to the sewing machine!

Shell That's exactly how I feel.Trying to find something I actually like clothes wise has been nearly impossible
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