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Originally Posted by afu
In the UK there always seems to be disagreements on what you should call meal times; some people have breakfast, dinner, tea and others say breakfast, lunch, dinner. It appears that 'dinner' is the large meal of the day so geographical area plays a large part - traditionally some areas would have their large, main meal in the middle of the day and others at night. I'm a 'breakfast, dinner, tea' kind of person!

I have always been a night person until recently,the past year that got to the extreme with my insomnia. Since going paleo my internal clock seems to be shifting, im definitly not a morning person, but I find it easier to have early nights and get up early and my most productive time of day has shifted from late evening to afternoon.

Melatonin is not legal here without prescription (and from what i know it is rarely even given by doctors), plus im not keen on messing with my hormones too much. I did take sleeping tablets every so often through my insomnia but they didn't help me to feel well rested and alert in the morning

You know, my shift to being a morning person coincided with going paleo. I wonder if that has some type of correlation.

Something that REALLY makes a difference in how I feel after waking/during the rest of the day is taking a tablespoonful of coconut oil every morning upon waking. I have noticed a HUGE difference between the days I forget and the days I don't.
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