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Well, I am enjoying my rebounder. I don't move on it in a strenuous way at all, just gently, alternating steady bouncing (not taking my feet off the mat) with walking on the spot or little jumping jacks - I'm just making it up as I go really. I did 40min earlier in the week and 20 mins yesterday. Really, if I can do between 10-20 mins on cardio days then I'll be happy. I'm amazed how much it makes me sweat though! (In a good, fragrant, 'glowy' way of course ) I'll up the intensity eventually, I have only had it for less than a fortnight so I'm easing into it.

I'm also doing strength exercises, either Callanetics or my Pilates ball, a couple of times a week. I feel I need to get more cardio in now as I've built up lots of muscle tone over the months through more frequent Callanetics but still have lots of fat to melt away. Yuck!!! (It's better than it was though!)

My weight is still plateauing. I have been following a meal plan for a fortnight that's about 1200 calories and am not deviating from it - well, with one exception over the weekend - but hardly anything has happened. I've not been able to shift more than a pound or two for MONTHS. And then it goes on again. That's rather frustrating. I've been pretty sensible. If I have had odd bad days with the eating (and honestly I have less of these now than I did) - then I offset it as soon as I can...hmmm...I went to my mother's over the weekend for less than 3 days and put on 3lbs. Which I quickly lost at the beginning of the week. And then put 2lbs on again. This is the pattern that my weight's been following since about August. That's without the visits to my mum's lol. I am eating sensibly. I am exercising. What is happening?

Still, the exercise has got to be helping, surely?? I went for quite a long walk yesterday as well.
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