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I use Mio in my water. I get the Black Cherry flavor , it has some of the B vitamins and also has caffeine and ginseng in it. I usually fix myself three 20 ounce bottles every night and put them in the fridge. We have great tasting well water, but it's so much nicer to have flavor, it does entice me to drink it, even with meals. I've even cut out the Ginger Ale I would have every now and then. You can find Mio at any grocery store, usually located in the aisle where the Crystal Light drink mixes are. A tiny bottle of liquid Mio is usually around $3.50 and one bottle lasts me about two weeks. There are more flavors but I just love Black Cherry the best. Most of the other flavors don't have the vitamins and caffeine. They have come out with Orange Tangerine, I might have a go at that one when I find it.
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