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spookyghost you are so much more important than you think! Hold your head up. At least you know that eating all that sugar is a problem. Some folks don't. I'm the same as you, I could eat that icing out of a bowl all day long. *sigh* Don't be ashamed to walk into Walmart, there is nothing wrong with you! I'm so glad you found your way here to TBB, I think it was meant to be for all of us to gather and talk about stuff. I've made the best of friends at LHC and I'd love for that to happen here with you gals (and guys!).

My problem was just plain old fluid build up, my tissues were full of it. Luckily none of it was around my heart and lung. It was probably a life saver, having all that fluid built up, because it WOKE me up. I am so much better living than not. Even with all my health problems and being on oxygen 24/7, I want to live and enjoy things, have people to love and talk too.
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