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Great job Justy. You should be proud. Im in a slump-big slump. And Im depressed about it. My trigger foods are the same as yours. Sugar is my meth. I love carbs too unfortunately but sugar more so. Lets just say my favorite food on this planet is sweet icing birthday cake! Now that says it all. I can just scoop that icing off the cake with a spoon and not get sick at all.

My problem now is my seasonal depression. Every dang year around August my appetite increases ten fold. Its like Im fattening up for the winter! Today was the first day that I have had it under control-thank goodness. I have had no sugar-none. Im trying to do a yeast cleanse because I have heard that all the candida in your body can reak havoc and cause sugar cravings. But I think I bought the wrong thing because on the box it says "vaginal yeast cleanse". It does say and more but still. Oh well I guess my vagina will be in good shape! LOL

So Im taking this one day at a time but weight is a big issue with me. I feel horrible, embarrased, and like I dont deserve anything when I gain weight. I know thats not right but I cant help it. Im embarrased to even be seen in Wal-mart when I feel overweight. But today was a good day and I havent had one in a long time so Im feeling really good right now. One day at a time is all I can do.

Was your condition called cystitis? Im so glad you are doing better. That had to have been scary. Im sorry about the hair shed-I can relate.

So currently I have gained 15lbs since the beginning of August. Damn that sounds really bad. I have no weight loss to post but I will with sheer joy when I loose-even if its a half of a pound!
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