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Default Post your weight loss along with me!

I changed my eating last May 2012 after a near death stint in the hospital from fluid build up in my whole body. Over the last two years I gained over 65 pounds on an already chubby 5'3" body with medium bone structure. I did lose 12 pounds the first week while in the hospital due to a Lasxi IV and continued to lose a bit more fluid over the next three weeks. During this time the doctors started to steadily increase my thyroid meds (and started me on a horrid hair shed) and I began to lose weight. Part of it was the thyroids meds but I also changed my food intake.

I decided that I had three 'trigger' (danger) food groups in my diet. Sugar (cakes, cookies, candy , soda pop), Bread and Dairy (mostly cheese on this one , as I am not a milk lover). Removing these groups helped me keep going with the weight loss.

I weighed today after not weighing for over two weeks. I've been in a kind of slump and just didn't want to weigh and be disappointed. So this morning, as I was cooking bacon in the microwave, I thought "I feel thinner this morning". So I went and weighed, TWICE, because it shocked me! I've lost NINE pounds in two weeks and believe me I do not starve myself!

Altogether since May 18, 2012 I've lost a grand total of 50 pounds. I want to say I did go through a couple of periods where I gained a pound or two back and had to re-lose them, but I think some of that might have been a bowel problem issue.

I haven't been taking my Lasix like a good girl, which I really should, so I might actually have a bit more 'weight' to shed today if I'd go do that. I should take it twice a week and I haven't had any Lasix in about three weeks.

There was no one defining factor why I gained all that fluid, slowly, over the last couple of years, before it invaded my whole body. The doctor's concensus was several things. 1. My thyroid was way outta whack 2. Long term (over five years) mental-pause 3. Fibromyalgia

For years I've been on a dose of .25 Levothyroxine. Since May, I've had steady increases from that to .50, .75, skipping .88 going right to 1.00 and now I'm at 1.25. I'm still shedding hair. GAH But I'll take the weight lose, we all know I can grow hair.

I take several medications which inhibit weight loss, so I believe if I was not taking those drugs I would have shed weight MUCH too quickly.
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