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Originally Posted by Delila
Oh, I'm sorry, I hadn't realized that you were in a different part of the world. (Get me started talking polish and, wow, can my focus narrow down, LOL!)

Are there not any beauty supply stores of any kind? I'm not sure how such things work in Europe. In the US (and Canada and the UK, though my experience of such things is limited), there are beauty supply stores that are open to the public, i.e., you don't have to have a professional cosmetology license to shop there. (though I think they are pretty careful about selling some chemicals/technical products to the non-licensed, just from the standpoint of safety, I suppose)

Basically the only place I've ever seen nail polish thinner is in stores that specialize in selling haircare, manicure and makeup stuff. Either the ones that are rather starkly focused on providing supplies to people who do hair and nails for a living, or the ones that sell more upscale hair and nail care stuff to the general public. If you don't have those in Finland, I'm not sure what to suggest. Maybe talk to the people who own the shops where manicures are done? Maybe they could order you some? (And if they tell you to just use remover, run away very fast, LOL!)

What about shopping online? I don't know about the online beauty supply options available overseas, though. I know that the US has gotten pretty strict about shipping certain chemical/potentially dangerous products, requiring retailers to ship by ground, not by air.

I'm sorry that you have to deal with this frustration, but do remember to just save your best beloved dried out polishes, maybe someday you'll find some Seche Restore and can enjoy them again.

It's ok not to take note that I live on the other side of the globe since I haven't really specified before where I am from.

I don't know of any beauty supply stores over here and they tend to be quite strict about this sort of things here, only selling bulk to those who use the stuff in their businesses. There is however a shop that specialises in beauty products, so not just a department store makeup section, but I have no idea when I would be going there next. So I guess online is where I need to be heading for looksies now.

Thanks for trying to help anyway.
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