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I have my own personal style, I know what looks good on me and I know how to accessorize. I developed my own style theories about five years ago based on the fact that I hate to shop and don't see the need for lots and lots of clothes that are hardly ever worn.

My wardrobe theory is that you choose a neutral or dark base (black, brown, navy, teal, green, etc. or any other color you can make work with a variety of different colors) Using my base color theory I can get away with two or three pairs of washable spring/summer pants and three or four dry cleanable fall/winter pants. Add a couple sweaters or blazers in your base color, or a complimentary bright and you're set.

I usually wear black as my base color, and accessorize by wearing brights or whites as a top or blouse. I can throw a silk scarf around my neck and add a nice pair of earrings, then go with as many or little necklaces and bracelets as I want. Viola!! stylish and very chicly put together.

My jewelry is usually silver, but I will throw in turqouise from time to time. I hate to spend money on trendy things only to have the item go out of style it seems like as soon as I buy it.

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