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Default Fashion vs Style

Do you consider yourself a "fashionista", or a 'style maven? '

I am defining fashion, as what is current, trendy, or considered to be "in-syle" for the moment.

I am defining style as personal style, your own sense of what you like and what you chose to wear.

I consider myself to be conscious of my own personal style, At 34, I know what i like, and what shapes & styles look good on me. I prefer a simple, classic style for my staples (on myself,) but funkied up with a few trendy pieces of the season. I like clothes with structure, and quality, but I love a fun scarf, jewellery, or sandal. for me, accessories are where I experiment or have some fun with trends. I love fashion, and to indulge, i might splurge on a piece that is cool, but not unwearable, (fashion changes, and the big purchase will be "so yesterdsy" in a few months...what a waste ) I wouldn't buy say, a trendy coat, but a scarf that i can ewar as a belt, on my head or tied to a handbag...sure! (I have a funky Alexander Mac Queen skull scarf that I know won't be a staple, but it's fun right now! ) so I guess you could say that i lean towards personal style that is classic, with an accent on chic, but fun pieces. My moods change, so do my clothes.

I am interested to know where everyone stands as far as what we all like to wear. Funky fashionista? bohemian beauty?, classic chic? Whatever is clean?
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