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I used to work for a couple of lady optometrists, and loved helping patients pick out eyeglasses!

Ask if you can go in before your appointment time to select your frames; if the optometrist dilates your eyes, you won't be able to see at close range at the end of your appointment! (You'll be fine to drive, but it's hard to pick out glasses if you can't see what you're looking at!)

Ask the optician to help you, and tell them your price range. Here, some offices give commisions to opticians and some don't. The glasses at the places that don't are WAY less expensive. I never got commissions.

Take a friend or spouse with you to help.

You can't screw it up. People are wearing all sorts of things now. Glasses don't go in and out of style that quickly. Whatever you pick, you'll look fine for a year or 2. No one will run from your crazy eyeglasses in spite of what you choose!
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