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Originally Posted by Kaydana
Don't have enough surface space to do that. I practically live in my room so I need to be able to move around it. Got a drying rack thing but it takes up space right in the middle of the room, might try drying stuff in here when I'm out though, or at night when I don't need to be moving around the room. It's so dry in here at the minute it'll probably dry really quickly.

Ahhh i vaugely remember having a useable bed room......sigh. I do my laundry at night so i guess that another reason it doesnt bug me i only see it laying it out, when i get out of the shower, and then its morning and its dry.

I finally got around to wearing makeup ith the ako on it worked great! Went on smoother and didnt look crusty or change the color . Just have to remember to blot my lids because they are so creased they hold the oil from the night before.
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