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Originally Posted by FrozenBritannia
I would be wary of using the nutmeg, for the simple reason that Injesting large amounts can make you high, though the high is said to be more flu-like than fun (haven't tried it). I would hope that similar effects would not be possible from it asbsorbing into the skin- but I know that that can happen with other naturally occuring drugs too. Obviously we've all been eating it in ginger cookies for years, but the amount used there is usually .5 of a tsp for a whole batch.

LOL, sounds interesting. I wonder how much one would have to eat . I quite like the taste of nutmeg in food (gratin and creamy sauces for pasta) and I have never noticed symptoms of any kind..

Here's the article I was referring to Nutmeg Microdermabrasion and Exfoliator
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