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Originally Posted by Natalia
You can make your own too. This one is my favorite -

Peppermint Chocolate Lips Balms 30 grams -
15g Cocoa/Shea
7g Grapeseed/Emu
7.5g Beeswax
3 - 5 Drops Vitamin E Oil
6 - 8 Drops Pepperming EO

Melt first 3 ingredients till liquid then add E Oil and EO. Makes three small tins of a VERY firm lip balm.

ETA: You can narrow the resuls on esty to minimize shipping cost. After you search go down the left side of the page and you will see a few options. Who knows someone in the next city may make something yummy

God im so happy I posted that recipe here. Ive spent all day looking for my printed copy. Since the second LHC crash I cant get to my albums that has the original in it! Before the photos were gone but the text was still there now nothing . Now im printing like 5 copies lol
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