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Originally Posted by justgreen
Welcome to my mania Delila! Pull up a table (with lamps included) and pick your poison! I'm sure between Shermie Girl and myself you'll find a color you want!

Shermie, how dreadful! Both the damned thief and not being able to buy! If we lived closer you know I'd be sharing with you!

Aww. Thanks, sweetie. Thankfully, I have enough untrides to keep me going for a while and I just recently received a lovely collection of glitters to review so I have enough new to keep me amused until I have some spending money, again.

I am just thankful that we had enough money, being very careful and with hubbs winning a few clams on a couple of lottery tickets to pay the bills and squeak by through this mess. Some people should be taken out and shot. Seriously.

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