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Originally Posted by Peggy E.
I'll have to pull them out and discuss the adoption process with them. I'm not sure how they would feel, and I think you might be a bit unhappy after a while, shoved up on the top shelf in my bedroom closet with nothing but a bunch of purses to take care of you! ;o)

"Aladin's Castle" that's good. I did one of the few smart things in my life - there was a time when money was not an issue, and I "invested" in good acessories, furnishings, etc.... And good thing, too, because it has had to last.

I'll tell 'ya, though. Poor and free is definitely better than financially comfortable and imprisoned, viciously so.

I hear that. 24 years of prison almost did me in, not to mention I was worked to death to pay for his toys.
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