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Originally Posted by Ocelan
Oh, thanks for the nailpolish restoring tip! (I went to the blog, bt I also came back!) I must admit I had never even heard of nail polish thinner or restorer, but now I must go see if they have any around here. Maybe in the bigger shopping mall cosmetics departments. All I've done so far has been adding a few drops of nailpolish remover or mixing the very viscous polish with a more runny one (sometimes creating not so deliscious shades of polish...), but maybe soon my polishes will come back alive.

Ack!! No! No!! Don't add nail polish remover to a bottle of polish!!!

Remover is designed to destroy polish, not thin it out.

Sorry to be so preachy, but I really hate the way that misinformation spreads around. (Milani used to have it on their bottles of polish, you'd think a polish company would know better, but I guess not. They seem to have only recently made the change. Sheesh.)

But on to the subject of finding actual thinner in stores IRL, the only places I've seen it have been actual beauty supply stores, or places like Trade Secret. (Not sure if Ulta carries it. ETA: It does, I saw Seche Restore there today) Sally's Beauty Supply stores are fairly common, and they do carry Beauty Secrets and Orly brand thinners.

I got a bottle of Seche Restore (the one Scrangie mentions for reviving dead polish, it's the one with toluene in it, the ingredient needed for this purpose.) at Trade Secret years ago, but haven't seen it IRL since then. Other nail polish thinners don't have toluene, so they don't work as well for reviving dead polish. (The issue really is that in recent years most companies have gone what they call 'big 3 free', which means they don't have some of the solvents that they used to use, and toluene is one of them. I'm not sure I understand the need for such a switch for every product out there, but apparently it's the modern trend. I do tend to get a bit exasperated when people ramble on about the evil of chemicals, without any working knowledge of science, but I guess that's a rant for another day, LOL!)

I've made a habit of shopping for polish online because it's pretty much the only way to get the colors/brands I want with any hope of dependability. The way I see it, the prices are so much lower that it offsets the cost of shipping, though I guess you do have to be careful where you shop.

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