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I wear a variety of colors depending on clothes, season, and mood.

For my favorite red lipstick, and a real possibility for those who have trouble wearing red, I recommend Angel Red by Clinique--it's a very wearable cool to neutral red that also has a nice wear down color.

The only "nude" I wear is Just For Redheads French Fig. It's mostly a pinky peachy nude and it's very flattering if you have any red in your hair or are blonde. As I have very pigmented lips, I cannot wear much in the way of true nudes, as they tend to make me look dead--not really the look I'm going for.

For pinks I like Organdi Rose by Chanel, and for a slightly darker pink Mademoiselle, also by Chanel.

My favorite off the wall color is Up the Amp by MAC, which is a true lavender. It shows up particularly well if you wear Myth (one of those "make Shell look dead nudes") underneath it.

I don't wear much gloss, the only one I truly like is MAC's cremesheenglass in On the Scene--a limited edition peach lipgloss. I wear it over the French Fig mentioned above, or in the summer over Bondi, another limited edition frosty peach lipstick by Chanel.

I am a lipstick girl. If I wear no other makeup, I almost always wear lipstick. My little 90 something Canadian neighbor used to refuse to leave the house without lipstick and earrings--she's my hero!
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