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Originally Posted by Teacherbear
I always steered clear from wearing white, black, or red to a wedding. It is just something my mother droned into my head. However, if it is an evening wedding, the "little black dress" can be a fabulous choice - so I ignore Mom's advice on the black.

TBear- your mom sounds like my mom! I remember just about giving my mom a heart attack when I wore a red dress to my cousin's wedding, and a black dress to the reception in the '80's. But hey- I was hot stuff! (not to be confused with Trolleypup, who is *the* Hot Stuff ).
If the wedding is in town, I change clothes between the wedding and the reception to this day. Something Mom always had us do.

Alas- the rules have pretty much relaxed and you can indeed wear black to a reception w/o being talked about. But oh! Those were the days...hehehe...
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