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Default Shoe problems: Narrow feet, especially heel

I can't wear nice shoes. For the simple fact that no shoe that doesn't cover the whole top of my foot will simply fall off. I'm going to blame it on a narrow heel, because there is always wayyy too much extra room back there. So most dressy shoes and stuff just aren't going to work. I went and tried on a million pairs of shoes today (okay, I'm exagerating) and the only shoes that fit are athletic ones. I have to lace up most shoes tightly to prevent my foot from sliding around, and yet if I go a size down my toes are cramped. There just seems not to be shoes for narrow feet out there!

This is becoming more of an issue with a) track season starting up again. I like my old shoes, but they are still a bit too big and now that I have more knowledge than last year I'd like to find a better shoe. and b) I'm doing a lot more dressy type activities this year, with orchestra and model United Nations, which require relatively nice shoes, but none of the nice shoes like to stay on my feet.

Are there any brands I can look for? I'll probably be bringing up the running shoe at the next athletic shoe store I go to with the people there, but I'd like to hear some opinions, esp. about the dressy shoe topic. It's also hard because I really extremely prefer to wear shoes that, if needed, I wouldn't have a hard time walking a distance or even running a bit in. Which eliminates more than short heels and shoes without something to hold them onto my heel (which is the main problem, most shoes just don't hold onto my heel)
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