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Aw, I'm so sorry about that!

Ok, I am going with the unconventional suggestion but perhaps you should just forget about the shoes for a bit. You are a stay at home mom right? You live in California so you could be able just to go bare foot. It is essentially what our feet are made for. The most comfortable way to walk so to speak. If you lack callous just put on socks or something. Perhaps it will take some pressure of those bunions.
I also have weird feet. Narrow at the heels wide at the toes with a good arch and I once broke my left little toe so that one is bumpy and kinda movement impaired. And I have always had a hate-hate relationship with shoes. It is such a pain to find a comfortable pair.
In the summer I wear either an expensive pair of flipflops from the outdoor sports store, quality sandals and whenever I can I just kick them of and go barefoot. Sure, your feet get dirty, but I love it.
In the winter I wear my armyboots. They are not really cute but they are made to last and be comfortable once you walked them in. And I do have strong and healthy feet now.
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