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Eaglesflight, the most I've ever spent on shoes is $65, and that was for a fabulous pair of boots that I could not say no to (I haven't worn them in a year though, because they'll probably kill my feet now... my feet have gotten considerably worse since I bought them).

I'd be willing to shell out $100 (I only have $200/month to spend on myself) for a perfect pair of shoes that was cute, comfortable, supportive and would last, but I have yet to find anything like that. I'm interested in Soft Spots, which run around $85-90 and come in wider widths, but there's only one store locally that carries them, and it is hard for me to get there on the bus. There's always Zappos, with their free return shipping if they don't fit, but it isn't very convenient. I might just go for it anyway. I'm going to try going to the local place first though, if I can figure out how to get there and back before DD is off school (darn half-days!).

I did too much walking on Monday (about 7 miles) and my right foot hurt so much that I wanted to cry. It STILL HURT last night when I put lotion on. I want a foot transplant.

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