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Originally Posted by Chrissy
Crocs. Ugly! In my opion. Some people love them for the comfort. I also hate Birkenstocks. I know they are extremely poplular and comfortable. To me they look like big clunky sandles.

I absolutely love my Birks, even though my friend tells me they're slippers (they're the clog ones; he's also Dutch so insists they aren't clogs because they aren't wooden, but I digress) but it's partly because they're 'ugly camp shoes'. I've gone to a summer camp since I was nine, and Birkenstocks have been popular there for years (with Roots sweatpants tucked into woolly socks ...), even though no one in the city wore them until recently. I'm actually annoyed they're popular, because it means they'll go out of fashion and then I'll be wearing shoes that have gone out of fashion rather than simply shoes that were never fashionable to begin with.

I like Crocs too for the same reason until other people started wearing them, so now I just wear them for canoe-tripping.
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