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Originally Posted by Kaydana
I have the same problem with that type of polish. They need to develop a top coat for them that doesn't change the colour, or just have a specific top coat that does change the colour so normal top coats don't. As they are the second colour looks raised (as is typical of nail art before a top coat) which I don't like, I like my nail art to look nice and smooth.

Agreed! Lol but then id likely be annoyed to have to buy another polish to make it work . I finally managed to pick up SH Lustre shine lava . Saw it months ago the week it was released but i wasnt going to spend that much with no reviews out on it. Well by the time the reviews came out that color (the strongest duo effect in the bunch) sold out in a hurry and i havent found it in stock since till today.

Its not mac bad fairy but its a cousin and im a sucker for the duo/multichromes .
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