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Originally Posted by enitsirk
But..the question: Is it better to go for more distance first, or more speed?
When I started running with boyfriend he basically just ran next to me and told me to not push myself too much, just be running/jogging even if I'm going slower than my normal walking speed (once again..funny how that still takes more work =p) and I never got to the point where I was trying to up one or the other. So. Which is easier/better to try to improve. Should I start running short distances, try to increase speed at those distances, and then go longer, or should I start just running and try to make my distance longer and longer.

OR should I not even think about distance and just try to run for a set amount of time?

And as another question...the boy always told me to just keep running and not to stop and walk. This made me hate running, because sometimes I just hurt so much/was so tired that I felt like I needed to walk for a bit. On the other hand, with his 'encouragement' I was able to force myself to keep going and did feel good about not stopping at the end of the run.

I run Cross Country. We had this list of goal-things that went like this which I hope answers your questions:

1. To run farther.
2. To run farther faster.
3. To run farther faster non-stop.
4. To run farther faster non-stop without slowing down.

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