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I definately have my own personal style. I buy whatever grabs my attention. I have no concerns about weather it is only here for this season or not. If it goes out of style, I will still wear it because I love it and picked it out.

I cannot really tell what my own personal style is. I really prefer winter clothes over summer.

It takes me a long time to find something I like, I am very picky & just don't pick up anything, it really has to grab and tug at me.

It seem to be drawn to things that are different, but not in a bad way. Right now, I am wearing a medium green shirt with a deep v-neck in the front & back. There is a round beauty piece right below the front V that has tiny little shells of all sorts of colors and it outlined in a small chain and beads. It also has brown stiching along the V. It is very pretty. Under this shirt, I am wearing just a plain brown seamless shirt.

I love boots and my black and brown jeans & my belts. My socks always match my shirt.

I dare to be different, but in a good kind of way.
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