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Default Kombucha!

I was shocked that I didn't see a thread on this yet!!

Kombucha is a fermented tea that has all kinds of probiotics, and vitamins and other such "good for you" things

I've been drinking this brand:

I find them pretty expensive (4$ a pop) but it is a lot better for you than that starbucks latte! I'm not fond of yoghurt so this is kind of my replacement!

It is basiclly tea, which is fermented with sugar, yeast and a "kombucha culture"

it pretty much takes on whatever flavor the tea is, but the kind I get has guava in it so it's much tastier than the other flavors (which I find kind of vinegar-ey)

I find over all it helps me "graze" less (aka so bored that I'm eatting) and give me a lot more energy than something like coffee which makes me crash later on! Plus, it's sweet and bubbly (naturally!) so it's a good thing to ween me off of soda.

Does anyone else like this stuff? Has anyone tried brewing it themselves? I know there are other brands too! Share your Kombucha love!!


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