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Originally Posted by spookyghost
Indigo Girl-Thank you so much! I would love to read your blog too

I am pretty private but I do love sharing some tid-bits every now and then-Lol

I think my main concern is time! Between work, working out, dinner, cleaning, laundry, ds's sports, and just plain having time with hubby-Phweew! It can be exhausting because that list I just mentioned is every day! And I love getting on TBB and LHC but there are days when I just cant. You know the saying-there just isnt enough time in the day! Haha

Aw wow thank you spookyghost! I know what you mean - I hear this thing called "time" can be very hard to come by.

Seriously though, I can really relate - I have trouble just keeping up with other's blogs, let alone creating my own entries!

Originally Posted by biogirl87
Indigo Girl, I've been thinking of starting a blog here keeping to it beauty routine trial and error results and may some other topics. I know there's quite a few people on LHC and other long hair forums who keep a hair journal and I think starting a blog here about beauty routine experiments can be a way of doing that as I don't want to get a separate notebook just for my beauty stuff. I'd be interested in reading your blog if and when you start it and if I decide to start a blog here, you'd be welcome to read it if you want.

Thanks so much biogirl87! I think that starting a trial and error results blog would be great, and I'd love to read about your results.

Haha I am just relieved to know I would have at least two people who would read my blog here.
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