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Thanks so much everyone! Im going to investigate the ocm thread and the oils that seem to working for everyone who posted here.

Biogirl87-I believe what you say because the only biology I received was in High school! But I do want to run what I read on the computer about collagen past you. I never know if what Im reading is true or a load of crap! Haha. I cant remember to well exactly what they were saying about it but it was something to the nature of not being able to put collagin on your skin and have it work and make up companies only put it in their products because most people just see that collagen is in there and so they buy it. But its not doing anything because its just sitting on your face. And there are things to do to stop the loss of collagin or the amount your losing-something like that. I will find it and share it with you because I would love to know what you think! Unfortunately I cant do that till tomarrow because I have to leave for my sons football game in a few minutes! Thanks alot!
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