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Default Washing more, oiling more

So I have the most difficult, problematic hair type it seems - wavy, mixed textures, mostly fine, very unruly and picky with heavy taper and a short terminal length. My hair rarely looks good and is never smooth, but I am trying to make the best of it.

I've been trying to get my hair long for YEARS and it seems terminal is somewhere between waist and BSL for me, no matter what I do! I am committed to no heat (as much as I can in a cold, damp climate - I wash nights and go to bed with damp hair) and minimal chemicals and gentle treatment.

And I have now reached BSL, again, after cutting after a huge shed when my daughter was born (she is now 3).

But stretching washes doesn't seem to do much for my hair or scalp. I alternate CWC, CO, and WO (in that order, with less CWC than CO and WO washing) and end up washing every 3-4 days. My hair gets stringy really easily - I have to brush it a lot, even when I wear it up, because it ends up looking BAD very quickly. But my ends have been very dry with lots of splits (perhaps due to the very few highlights I got in June) and nothing seemed to help.

Oiling has always been a problem for me and for a long time I stopped doing it, thinking that leave-ins were enough. I wasn't willing to go to the ends of the earth to try exotic, expensive oils, either. Then I thought I would try small amounts of coconut oil on damp hair (just the ends/length), and, contrary to prior experience, my ends are soft and feel like hair, instead of straw, and I do seem to have a lot less splits.

Heavy oilings don't work, so instead I do a fingernails' worth on my underlayer after it has gotten wet in the shower, for example, or a bit on the ends after brushing and before sleep, and this seems to be really helping my ends!

I don't expect that this will make my hair get long, but maybe it will help prevent splits more and thus reduce my amount of taper, and also may make my ends stay in better shape longer so I am not tempted to cut them as often...!

just thought I'd share this good news, for anyone else with difficult hair...
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