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Calaelen, my LHC screen name is the same as my screen name here and my LHC stats are in my sig. But, I'm repeating them below for your convenience.

Screen name: biogirl87
Post count: 100+
Time on LHC: since mid September 2012
iTrader: haven't traded with anyone on LHC (couldn't really trade with anyone as I joined after the Autumn swap had already started or didn't have enough posts when the Autumn swap started)

I'd love to participate in this and if it'll indeed run until February, I'll able to. Calaelen, I'd really appreciate it if you could pair me with someone who joined here in early October.
LHC: member since September 2012, 100+ posts.
Hairtype: 2b, medium, iii
Current length: APL+ (inch or so below APL)
Growing till BSL (for now)

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