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Default Winter Swap 2012??

Hi all! I was wondering how many of you would be interested in joining for a Winter swap here (non denominational).

I do not think I can run it on LHC this year, due to server issues. It is just too hard to work with when I can't rely on getting in.

SO, do we have any takers for a Beauty Bottle Holiday Swap??

I am thinking that, due to the nature of this site, we can make an anything goes type thing where all sorts of beauty products, and hair stuff, can be listed in the wish lists.

Because of the late date, this swap will run until February

Who's in?!

Edited to add. The rules I have come up with for LHC swaps will apply here, So use your LHC rep if you have it. That means LHC screen name, minimum 100 posts, also iTrader, and time on LHC.
Members who have good rep here by meeting the 100 post minimum are also allowed to join.

I will be pairing member of long standing/rep with other long standing members of similar rep. Proven swappers also go in this pairing list. Newbies who have not participated in a swap will be matched with like members. I know it may seem unfair, or a risk, but this is your chance to prove yourself in a swap, and build rep for future swaps.

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