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Originally Posted by browneyedsusan
Why not? You're young! Go with it! (Not that a 60+ woman couldn't pull it off, because some definately could, but almost any girl in her 20's would look great with printed leggings, IHMO.)

I think with a solid colored dress/skirt and knee boots, print leggings would look quite conservative, because only a little bit would peek out, and not much else is going on in your outfit. Also, I'd either wear print leggings, or lacey leggings, or sparkley leggings, but NOT all in the same legging--I think that would look crazy.

--I have colored tights that I wear in the winter with solid, neutral colors. I'm quite the traffic-stopper in my brown courderoy skirt, chunky sweater, and teal leggings!

Thank you now to find knee high boots.... I have fleece lined tights much like your leggings dont get much occasion to wear them right now though as we have had 85F average.
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